Jell-Oh! Necklace

Brass, 18ct yellow gold vermeil and vintage acrylic chain necklace


The Jell-Oh! Necklace hails from our Plastic Fantastic collection – a collection of pieces that explores the trend for costume jewellery and sunny poolside culture in Florida in the 1950s.

Made from acrylic, brass and 18ct yellow gold vermeil, the Jell-Oh! Necklace is both whimsical and fun and also extremely easy to wear. Its white and gold colour palette is neutral and elegant, and so too is the contrast of materials here. The interplay between the jelly-like acrylic and the shiny golden clasp really helps bring the necklace to life when worn.

If you look through any of the most popular cookbooks of this decade, jell-o takes centre stage. A leading trend of the time for those in high society was to encase dishes (such as lamb chops or chopped salad) in moulded aspic or gelatine to create towers of ‘set’ food. Fun to prepare, they also made food transportation a mess-free affair, which was particularly useful when more and more of the entertaining moved outside, away from the dining room or kitchen. The pool was now the place to hang out, and food needed to be able to get there without spilling or falling apart.

  • Brass
  • 18ct yellow gold vermeil
  • Vintage acrylic
  • One-of-a-kind
  • 21.25" long
Length: 21.25"
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