Magic Unicorn Earrings

9ct yellow gold, pearl, white agate and porcelain unicorn earrings


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The unicorn is a legendary, mythical creature, revered since antiquity for its magical powers and virtue. It is commonly believed to be a woodland dwelling animal, both secretive and elusive and notoriously difficult to tame. Once a symbol of chastity and purity, the unicorn is nowadays more commonly associated with all things magical, fun, childlike and happy, and also with positivity and joy, as well as diversity and hope.

Our one-of-a-kind Magic Unicorn Earrings are certainly fun and as unique as the unicorn. They are inspired by Tessa’s love for myths and legends, for the make believe and the imagined, the otherworldly and impossible, as well as her deep passion for horses and ponies (making the unicorn her favourite animal in the world).

Here, a beautiful porcelain unicorn charm (purchased by Tessa at a craft market) has been transformed into a pair of unique earrings through creative reconstruction and embellishment. Careful consideration has been given to which gemstones to pair with the unicorn in order to best bring out its mystical character and charm. White agate beads are used to highlight the unicorn’s symbolic purity, whilst white pearls evoke the celestial nature of this animal form. This careful curation of gemstones with found objects is one of Tessa’s great loves: she has great fun creating timeless, heart-warming jewellery from second-hand trinkets and charms.

For those who love mismatching earrings, statement earrings, narrative-inspired jewellery, nature, animals or specifically unicorns, these earrings couldn’t be more perfect. They are also ideal ‘all-day’ earrings as they pair just as well with denim and casual wear as they do with neutrals and other gold jewellery. We’d also like to think that they might make the best wedding-day earrings for someone out there who perhaps loves unicorns as much as Tessa does…

  • 9ct yellow gold
  • White agate
  • Pearl
  • Porcelain
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Hallmarked

Length: 45mm
Width (at widest point): 25mm

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