The November Birthstone Pendant

18ct yellow gold vermeil and topaz birthstone pendant

Made to Order

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November’s birthstone is the topaz. Naturally occurring in a myriad of colours, the topaz has been traditionally associated with loyalty, faithfulness and friendship, carrying all the right attributes for creating totemic jewellery. Historically, topaz crystals in pure yellow or orange – classified as ‘Imperial Topaz’ – were the most popular, with the Ancient Egyptians and Romans attributing these golden stones to the powerful Sun God. In the seventeenth-century the appeal of this golden gem was such that the Russian tsars of the time commanded their exclusive right to possession of any such stones mined in the Russian Ural Mountains, hence the moniker ‘Imperial Topaz’. Imperial topaz is now most commonly mined in Brazil, however there are still small deposits occurring in the Urals.

Our Birthstone Pendants are particularly popular as christening presents as they perfectly marry bespoke customisation with timeless elegance. For those who wish to personalise their pendant beyond the central birthstone, we offer custom engraving as well as the application of additional gemstones if required. Examples of fully personalised Birthstone Pendants can be found on our Bespoke Page.

If you would like to enquire about owning or commissioning a fully bespoke Birthstone Pendant please email [email protected] to explore what is possible.

  • 18ct yellow gold vermeil
  • Sterling silver
  • Topaz
  • Hallmarked
  • 30'' chain
  • Edition of 3

Height : 13mm
Width : 14mm
Chain: 30”

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