Tortuga Necklace

Rhodium, brass, sterling silver, acrylic and lapis lazuli chain necklace


This wonderful, colourful piece is summer personified. Zippy links of turquoise chain are paired with deep lapis lazuli blue to create a necklace that sings luxurious poolside living, or perhaps a vacation beside the sea. For those who like their jewellery chunky and bold, this is the perfect resort-wear accessory, guaranteed to work with everything from floaty white kaftans to colour-blocking evening dress. Pair with our Gumball Earrings or Tortuga Bangle Set for maximum blue impact.

Chain style necklaces are believed to date back to as early as 2500BC, to the time of the Egyptians. This ancient civilisation began the technique of threading hammered links of gold and silver wire together to create interconnected lengths of metal. The Ancient Greeks took this practice one step further by creating carved or hammered pendants to wear on the chains in decoration. Around the 8th Century BC the invention of ‘strap chain’ became commonplace, giving rise to the practice of chain making that we still see and use today.

Whilst traditional chain is still made using a metal alloy, such as gold or silver or brass, modern chain jewellery is much more varied. Many noted jewellery designers have experimented with other, unusual materials such as gemstone chain links (Seaman Schepps), wooden chain links (Chanel) and glass chain links (Archimede Seguso). The Tortuga Necklace hopes to show that plastic can be a great material to use for chains, especially when it is upcycled and turned into a timeless design.

  • Black Rhodium
  • Sterling silver
  • Brass
  • Acrylic
  • Lapis lazuli
  • One-of-a-kind

Length: 17.75″


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