Banana Bender Charm [Silver]

Sterling silver banana pendant and chain
Designer's Notes +

The Banana Bender Charm gets its name from the Dirty Banana cocktail which blends aged rum, Kahlua, banana liqueur, milk and ripe banana to create a boozy banana split in a glass.

Whilst this charm might not count as your (healthy) five-a-day, it will bring a touch of playful luxe to any outfit. Everyone loves a banana charm, especially one as cute and comical as this little thing. Hand-crafted in England in silver, this happy accessory hangs on a long, 30” chain, making it especially wearable with open-necked shirts and laying with other pendants.

The Banana Bender Charms hails from our Under the Influence collection, inspired by the whimsical, colourful and joyous world of the cocktail. Developed like potions in an apothecarist’s lab, the collection explores the way in which many of our most legendary cocktails came to be, as well as the ingredients within them and the effects they have on those who enjoy them the most.

  • Sterling silver
  • Available bespoke in platinum and solid gold
  • Hallmarked
  • Chain 30''

Length: 41mm
Width: 18mm
Depth: 11mm


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