Coco Gone Loco Earrings

18ct yellow gold, brass, resin and pearl drop earrings

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The 1950s saw Marilyn Monroe declare “I only wear Chanel No.5 to bed”, cementing this product, its maker and Monroe as icons in the eyes of all Americans and the world over. Our Coco Gone Loco Earrings pay homage to designer Coco Chanel, the creator of the No.5 perfume. Chanel is also recognised as being instrumental in popularising modern pearl jewellery and costume jewellery, both of which were extremely on-trend in mid-century America.

As the name suggests, the Coco Gone Loco Earrings imagine what Coco Chanel might have designed in the 21st Century for her poolside muse. The piece uses her signature accessory of the pearl, here paired with transparent discs of hand-made resin. A single, round cultured pearl sits atop. The resulting design is a play of light and form, where the translucent opalescence of the pearl is reflected in and through the hardened discs of resin to give the illusion of both air and substance at the same time.

The ultimate in timeless elegance, the pearl one of three birthstones for June. A longstanding symbol of purity, the ancient Greeks believed pearls to be the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Brass
  • Freshwater cultured pearl
  • Resin
  • One-of-a-kind

Width: 60mm
Height: approximately 85mm


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