Diamond Day Pocket Square

100% silk pocket square with hand-drawn diamond pattern
Designer's Notes +

In our world, diamonds are forever, no matter what form they take. Discovered in India in 800BC, this gemstone remains one of the most coveted and valuable minerals on the planet, thanks in part to its unique sparkle and hardness.

The Diamond Day Pocket Square is inspired by Tessa’s love for this mesmerising gemstone and the many creative lapidary cuts it comes in, from the traditional ’round brilliant’, to elegant marquise, juicy pear, bold emerald-cut and uniform baguette.

The gemstones themselves are individually hand-drawn by Tessa. They were originally created as a visual reference tool for one of our Bespoke Jewellery Workshops, but looking at all the dancing diamond shapes on one page got us thinking about diamond-patterned wallpaper, quickly followed by diamond-patterned fabric, and the idea for the Diamond Day Pocket Square was born.

Printed in neutral, muted tones, this 100% silk piece is the perfect gift for any neckerchief loving lady or pocket square loving gentleman. It can also be used to spruce up an ensemble in other creative ways, such as updating a tired or plain handbag by tying the pocket square to the handle.

Also available in a larger scarf size, our Diamond Day products have featured in such publications as The Week.

  • 100% silk
  • Hand rolled
  • Made in the UK
  • Also available as silk scarf


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