High Ball Earrings [Yellow-KIWI]

18ct yellow gold vermeil, brass, jade and enamel earrings
Designer's Notes +

Highball is a term used to describe the family of ‘long cocktails’ which are typically served in a tall glass, usually containing a carbonated soft drink - such as tonic or soda - as the filler alongside a shot (or double shot) of hard spirit. These earrings playfully interpret the main elements of the highball cocktail by using drilled semi-precious stone beads as the top studs (aka the ‘high-ball’) and fruit slices as the bottom drops to represent the non-alcoholic filler.

  • Sterling silver
  • 18ct yellow gold vermeil
  • Brass
  • Dyed yellow jade
  • Enamel
  • Suitable for pierced ears

Length: 39mm
Width: 19mm
Depth: 12mm
Diameter of stud top: 10mm


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