The April Birthstone Pendant

18ct yellow gold vermeil and diamond pendant
Designer's Notes +

April's birthstone is the all-famous diamond. Known to be the hardest substance in the world, the diamond is arguably the most sought after, modern-day gemstone. Pre-Medieval times, diamonds were worn rough or cut and polished only on their upper surface. But from 1400 onwards, the art of diamond cutting, or lapidary, was developed. Today diamonds are polished in several popular shapes, but the round brilliant-cut is the most common, as when cut well, it is the best shape to show off a diamond’s brilliance and play of light. Their popularity as a stone owes much to De Beers and their iconic 1947 campaign which proclaimed 'A diamond is forever'. In 1939 only 10% of all engagement rings had diamonds; by 1990 80% had diamonds set within them.

  • 18ct yellow gold vermeil
  • Sterling silver
  • Diamond
  • Hallmarked
  • 30'' chain
  • Available bespoke in 18ct white, yellow and rose gold
  • Can be engraved with initials

Height : 13mm
Width : 14mm
Chain: 30”


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