October 2016

21st Century Explorers

To celebrate the launch of ‘For King & Country’, a collection inspired by the golden age of discovery, Tessa Packard London invited four of the UK’s most inspiring young adventurers to join us for an engaging panel discussion on what it means to be an adventurer in the 21st Century.

The aptly themed Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour in Covent Garden served as the ideal location for the event, which saw Tessa chairing the discussion in which Charlie Walker, Laura Bingham and the Turner twins talked about their intrepid experiences alongside the challenges facing the world of exploration in this modern day.

Guests, including infamous explorers Ed Stafford and Henry Cookson, were invited to make themselves at home in Great Aunt Gertrude’s curiously antiquated salon, where enticing ‘Passepartout’ gin cocktails were served alongside quails eggs and venison-black pudding sausage rolls. The new collection was on display in open globe showcases, drawing many an admiring gaze from guests present.

Tessa would like to thank Ross and Hugo Turner, Charlie Walker and Laura Bingham for taking the time to participate in such a thought provoking event.