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Creating bespoke jewellery is an unique experience, and we like to make each experience with us truly unique

Our Philosophy

Creating anything bespoke should be fun. It should also be informative, efficient and engaging.

In our world, no commission is too big or too small. We approach each new project with the same enthusiasm and care as the last.

We like a challenge, whether that be design-led or cost-based. At the same time, if we know we can’t make it how you want it we’ll tell you straight up and point you in a better direction.We like enquiries and are always happy to provide clients with a starting quote for free, without any obligation to proceed.

Our commission structure for any bespoke project is completely transparent and the same for everyone, and all our jewellery is always hand-made in the UK.


From a simple ring to a full suite of jewels, Tessa personally designs each and every bespoke commission that we undertake. Time is spent with a new client to get to know their style and really understand their brief.

Design meetings can be done in person, via email, on the telephone or using video calls. Many of our bespoke clients live abroad so we are used to working in a manner of different ways. The most important thing is that our clients feel comfortable with the approach we suggest.

When it comes to designing, the client’s vision always comes first. We are on hand to lend as much (or as little) direction and assistance as needed. Our job is to make the jewellery of your dreams.


Fashions change. A generation ago there was great trepidation about pulling apart and dismantling gifted or inherited jewellery. Thankfully, today, sentiments have changed. More and more of our clients are enjoying the perks of turning old, unused jewels into shiny, new heirlooms.

Whilst every effort is made to use the original metals, it is the gemstones who truly triumph in the renovation game. Carefully unpicked from their original settings, these miniature treasures are then lovingly reset into ‘much-more-you’ designs to enjoy for ever and ever. And any left over original metal can be scrapped for cash and put towards the cost of the commission.




The sourcing of an engagement ring can be stressful, and often unnecessarily expensive. To make things as easy as possible we like to be transparent with our clients about approximate starting price (£3500) and the various project options:

THE FULL SURPRISE – You tell us what your loved-one is like, how much you want to spend, and we design a ring for your betrothed- to-be.The ring can always be altered post proposal, but there will be an additional cost to do this.

THE HALF / HALF – You tell us what your loved-one is like, how much you want to spend, and we pick out a stone together and get it set into a very simple band for the proposal. Once engaged both parties will work with Tessa and Team TP to design the ring.

THE SAFETY-COMES-FIRST OPTION – You and your loved-one come in together to discuss what you want and how you want it. Some couples prefer to talk about budget openly, others request a degree of discretion.We can work with either scenario.

We usually ask clients to allow for 2 – 3 weeks for the design phase, and 5 – 7 weeks for the production phase.





As well as designing bespoke jewellery, Tessa also offers a Source-It- Service for gemstones and birthstones. You set the budget and Tessa and her team will find the perfect stone to match.

Each chosen gemstone comes with its own informative booklet which details what it is, where it comes from and how to keep it clean. If required, gift certificates can also be purchased for our Source-It-Service, allowing the recipient to choose a preferred stone themselves.

Over the years we have found that gemstones, especially birthstones, make particularly good christening presents, as they allow a godchild to have fun designing their own piece of jewellery when the time is right. Many godparents ‘gift’ this follow-up experience as the 18th or 21st birthday present.

We also hold a wide stock of heart-shaped stones, ranging in price from £25 upwards. When it comes toValentine’s Day,it’s an infinitely more interesting (and timeless) offering than a box of chocolates.




A client approached us to design a statement necklace for his wife incorporating the birthstones of his children. A request was also made for the necklace to be transformable, allowing it to be worn as an everyday piece if desired, or something more special. With that in mind we knew that we needed to create a design around a central detachable element that could be dressed up, or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

After a few days of playing around with some ideas we settled on a gold disc pendant with a central set topaz surrounded by a halo of diamonds. The disc could be worn on its own on a simple gold chain; or it could be ‘fitted’ into place as the centre element of a much more impressive necklace.

For the statement necklace, the client agreed it would be fun to add a bit of ‘edge’ to the traditional ‘riviera’ style necklace we liked by using different stone cuts around the neckline. This mismatched look gave the piece a modern, fun but still timeless look, which was exactly what the brief required. A further cocktail ring and stud earrings were completed to create a suite of birthstone jewels.

From Old to New: A diamond bangle

This gorgeous gold bangle received a true upgrade thanks to a hoard of unworn jewellery.

The client came to us with the desire to create a statement bangle that could be worn on a daily basis, alongside her favourite Cartier pieces. The gold bangle was already in her possession, and she wanted to use as many stones as possible from old jewellery to give it new life and a good handful of sparkle.

We carefully un-set all of the gemstones from her existing pieces and then chose the most appropriate, round diamonds for the bangle, making sure to include a variety of sizes to give the bangle the fun character it needed. After that, we created twenty bespoke gold collets for the stones to be re-set into. The collets were purposefully designed to be slightly doughnut shaped to work with the solidity and chunky-ness of the bangle. Once the collets were ready these were soldered onto the bangle in an organised ‘random’ fashion, and the diamonds set. A final polish and the piece was ready to be admired and worn for many years to come.

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