May 2018

Agora London

This May Tessa Packard London was delighted to host at the showroom the relaunch of Agora London, a community-focussed founders’ club started by friend and fellow entrepreneur Emma Watkins.

The guest list was made up of an inspiring collective of young business minds, including Emily Forbes, founder of Seenlt, and Emma Style, founder of the infamous Killing Kittens. Them, like the many others that attended, were all united in their shared values of mindfulness, sustainability and stability in business in order to drive long term success.

Agora London’s goal is to harness the power of the collective. They believe that business success and impact can be magnified or accelerated through human collaboration. At the centre of the group is a core gang of ambassadors,Tessa being one of them, who work together to grow the Agora community by encouraging partnerships and focussed networking for the benefit of Britain’s young entrepreneurs.