May 2016


This spring, Tessa Packard London collaborated with internationally-renowned magician Drummond Money-Coutts to create a short film showcasing a series of sleight-of-hand illusions using our most eye-catching cocktail rings. We’ve long recognised that fine jewellery can hold a certain kind of magic – representing something far deeper that mere surface beauty; be it love, passion, identification or rebellion. It has the ability to captivate in the same way a card trick can.

It was therefore a fitting collaboration to explore from both sides, as explained by Tessa herself: “Finding partnerships with people who are very much in our field or who we admire makes exploration and the pushing of new boundaries a really natural step – that’s what we’ve aimed to achieve with this video.”

Money-Coutts – or DMC as he is known – is recognised as one of Britain’s most innovative magicians and a fast-rising star in the global, magic scene. Having created a series of short documentaries for YouTube, DMC was approached by the National Geographic Channel in 2012, launching his TV debut, Card Shark, worldwide in 2013. This soon led to the production of DMC’s first, full 7-part series, Beyond Magic With DMC, which aired in 2015 to more than 170 countries.

This short, collaborative film marks Money-Coutts’s first foray into fine jewellery: “I’ve not really done something like before with jewellery but it works really well. It’s a very intimate style of magic, which I love more than anything”.

We hope you have as much fun viewing the film as we did making it.

With thanks to Drummond Money-Coutts