June 2019

Honeypot House

Following the success of their Enchanted Garden week, Tessa and Lyndsey Ingram were delighted to see the start of a new garden at the Honeypot House in Hampshire.

The magical garden mural that blossomed and bloomed for 10 days in Lyndsey’s Mayfair gallery was dismantled and re-installed in the playroom of the Honeypot House, a children’s charitable home that provides respite breaks and on-going outreach to young carers and vulnerable children.

For both Tessa and Lyndsey it was extremely important that their mural became something bigger than just a temporary installation. They wanted their mural to find a permanent home in a space that could truly benefit from a ‘garden’, but also from the experience of creatively constructing it in the first place. Like many, Tessa and Lyndsey believe wholly in the restorative and healing power of nature and the importance of the garden as a space for healing. They hope that the garden mural will continue to bring a sense of serenity, tranquility and magic to a part of Honeypot House for many years to come. For them it feels like the perfect way to honour author France Hodgson Burnett and her iconic novel, The Secret Garden, which itself inspired their mural once upon a time.