October 2015

House of Eleonore

Tessa Packard London is delighted to introduce Paradise, the debut collection of fine jewellery from new Amsterdam-based label, House of Eleonore.

Designed by Tessa Packard, Paradise is inspired by the tropical island of Papua New Guinea. As the name suggests, the collection draws its narrative from the idyllic nature of this South Sea Eden – a land rich in smouldering volcanoes, sparkling lakes, thundering waterfalls, mountainous ridges and vast swathes of pristine rainforest. In particular, Paradise looks to the flora and fauna of native Papua New Guinea for its inspiration. Fluttering Birds of Paradise, colourful plants, delicate orchid buds and bamboo stems are all referenced in the pieces, along with the islands’ mesmerizing tribal costumes and rich decorative culture, still active today.

The vision behind this collection can be very much attributed to House of Eleonore’s Creative Director, Ray Steele, who spent much of her childhood and youth in nearby Micronesia. A lover of nature and the outdoors, she would spend hours exploring the sun-dappled forests in search of jewel-encrusted birds and prehistoric fossils, finding herself inspired by this mystic and ancient land.

Paradise is a collection as rich in narrative context as it is in unique, decorative form.


See the full collection HERE