May 2016

In Action

This May, Tessa Packard London co-hosted a panel discussion with law firm Collyer Bristow, themed The Face of British Luxury Today. Chaired by Edward Taylor of Quintessentially, other panellists included Georgie Coleridge Cole, founder of Sheerluxe; Jacob Tomkins, brand consultant and founder or luxury watch publication Twelve Journal; and Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, founder of Wickerwood, an integrated brand influence agency.

After introducing the panel, discussions quickly began on the very nature of the topic itself: what is luxury? What followed was an hour’s lively debate on themes as far reaching as the place of technology and social media in the luxury sector, the heritage appeal of British luxury brands, green luxury and the challenges of manufacturing and marketing luxury goods in the UK. The panel also challenged the notion of luxury in the 21st Century and contemplated whether the word ‘luxury’ itself was increasingly over-used by both luxury and non-luxury brands in their promotion of goods and services.

In a world where there are ever-increasing numbers of luxury brands and luxury platforms surfacing, the event gave both speakers and audience a chance to contemplate the many facets to the luxury concept today.

With thanks to Collyer Bristow as the evening’s generous hosts | | | |