Absinthe Ring

18ct yellow gold, mother-of-pearl and yellow sapphire flower ring


The French word ‘absinthe’ refers to both the infamous drink as well as the wormwood plant (artemisia absinthium), from which the eponymous spirit in part derives. The remainder of the ingredients in absinthe liquor include a varied mix of botanicals, ranging from fennel, anise and hyssop, which not only flavour the alcohol but give it its distinctive green colouring.

The design and colour of the Absinthe Ring draws its inspiration from this myriad of floral ingredients. The mottled, emerald green moss agate band recreates the look of a meadow floor, complete with mother-of-pearl and gold-stemmed flowers growing out of it. Little yellow sapphires complete the gemstone cocktail ring, adding a touch of sparkle to this one-of-a-kind, wearable work of art. The moss agate band is lined with 18ct yellow gold, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

Cocktail rings first emerged in the jazz-age of the 1920s as a symbol of opposition to Prohibition. During that time, an alcoholic cocktail was about as rebellious a status symbol as you could get. Making sure that everyone noticed your illicit drink was equally important – particularly for women – who were beginning to challenge their proscribed role in the home and society. The cocktail ring – in all its colourful, blinging glory – was thus invented as an emblem of female independence and became the perfect accessory at secret parties in towns and cities across America.

This ring is available immediately in size M and can be sized to N or O upon request.

  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Mother-of-pearl
  • Yellow sapphire
  • Moss agate
  • Hallmarked
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Size N (can be sized to M or O)

Height: 30mm
Width: 21mm
Diameter: 31mm

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