Cryptic Cufflinks

18ct yellow gold vermeil chain-link cufflinks


The Cryptic Cufflinks draw their inspiration from the children’s fairytale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. This story about deceit and illusion is here interpreted in the humorous form of overgrown, emerald-cut shaped cufflinks, made not of gemstone but metal. In our world, record-breaking rocks are no longer the preserve of billionaires!

The Cryptic Cufflinks are timeless in form and extremely easy to wear. They work just as well with a casual ensemble as black tie event. This vermeil design is particularly suited to those who prefer their cufflinks simple and classic, without fussy adornment.

The invention of the cufflink started around the 13th Century. First examples were made of  ribbons, ties and strings, but as men’s shirts and fashions changed, so did their cuffs and by the 17th Century cufflinks began to look pretty similar to what we know them to be today. The invention of the stitched buttonhole was probably the most instrumental development for cufflink design, giving rise to the popularity of the chain-link cufflink. Known as boutons de manchettes or ‘sleeve buttons’ , these early cufflinks were typically button-shaped in form and commissioned by the upper classes in both silver and gold, as well as adorned with semi-precious gemstones or engraved designs. King Charles II popularised cufflinks by regularly wearing them in public, helping to influence the fashion for these new, crafted accessories.

Today, cufflinks continue to be a popular accoutrement to any gentleman’s wardrobe. We’re particularly fond of designing them – we feel men’s jewellery should not be overlooked! To find out more about our bespoke cufflink service please email [email protected].

  • 18ct yellow gold vermeil
  • Sterling silver
  • Hallmarked
  • Edition of 10

Length: 17mm
Width: 14mm
Depth: 7mm
Bar: 21mm