Everglade Earrings [Pink]

18ct yellow gold vermeil, vintage lucite and fancy coloured sapphire stud earrings


The Everglades are a region of tropical wetland in the southern tip of Florida. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including a wide array of colourful flowers.

Available in dark green, light green, pink, white, yellow and red, our Everglade Earrings draw inspiration from this natural ecosystem in the form of a delicate flower stud. Each flower stud is made from vintage lucite beads and set with a fancy coloured sapphire stone. The petal colours purposefully represent the tones of 1950s Florida: pale greens, pastel pinks, sunshine yellows and vivid red, the latter recalling the neon glow of street signage and mid-century advertising.

 The Everglade Earrings can be worn with or without the flower ear jacket as the inner sapphire studs are removable. This allows all the Everglade Earring components to be interchanged with one another, giving you ultimate versatility in a stud earring. It is also possible to make bespoke stone inserts for these earrings – for example in emerald or diamond. For all bespoke enquiries please email [email protected]

  • 18ct yellow gold vermeil
  • Sterling silver
  • Vintage lucite
  • Pink sapphire
  • Edition of 20

Height: 26mm
Width: 26mm
Depth: 10mm

Sapphire: 3mm

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