Milk Maid Earrings

Mother-of-pearl and stainless steel flower stuf earrings


Once upon a time, genteel milkmaids roamed magical meadows and bucolic pastures, looking after livestock, looking pretty and waiting for prince charming to arrive (or so it was said in the fables and fairy tales of old). Assuming they wore earrings, we reckon they would probably be herding their cows with these flower studs in their ears.

These cute-as-a-button earrings feature hand-carved pearly-white mother-of-pearl flowers – the colour of purity, innocence and of course milk!

The Milkmaid Earrings are designed for comfort and wearability. Their relatively small size makes them suitable for everyday adornment. Being cream in colour, they go with pretty much any outfit under the sun.

Mother-of-pearl is also an unusual stone in that it works with any skin tone and warms the face. This makes it a particularly good stone to wear in winter, when we could all do with a little bit of luminosity and warmth in those colder months.

♥ Please note that we do not recommend that you wear this piece when showering or swimming ♥

  • Mother-of-pearl
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gold plate

Diameter: 20mm

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