Silver Lining Necklace

Sterling silver and diamond cloud necklace

Made to Order

Delivers in 6 weeks

Please note all made-to-order pieces are non-refundable


Inspired by the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ saying coined by Milton in 1634, this easy to wear necklace recreates the illuminated ‘lining’ of a cloud as it passes across the sun by using carefully placed pave-set diamonds to mimic this meteorological effect. The end result is a stunning, everyday accessory that not only looks cool but tells a fun story too.

The Silver Lining Necklace hails from Tessa’s Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining collection. Talking about the British weather has long been an identifiable trait of the British. One might say it’s meteorological misfortune, but we disagree! The daily discourse about rain, sun, hot, cold is very much part of our quintessential culture, and is here celebrated in a fun, quirky way.

We like to pair this diamond cloud necklace with our signature Blizzard Ring for maximum bling impact.

♥ Please note that we do not recommend that you wear this piece when showering or swimming. Please also note all Made to Order products are NON-REFUNDABLE ♥

  • Sterling silver
  • White diamonds
  • 18’’ chain
  • Edition of 10

Height: 8mm
Width: 12mm