Siren Earrings

Brass, jade and carved cinnabar earrings


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The siren has always been a much-debated figure in ancient mythology. Some say these mermaid-like creatures lured sailors into the sea with their enchanting voices; others believed them to be the personification of the sea and its immortal strength over man.

Regardless of what was once believed, half-human half-fish entities remain popular today one of our most beloved, make-believe people. What child (or adult) hasn’t dived into a swimming pool and imagined Ariel from the Little Mermaid? Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter, or so the Disney saying goes.

Hand-made in London, the Siren Earrings feature pink jade bead tops and carved cinnabar barrel bottoms, with mermaid motif. The earrings are statement but lightweight, thanks to the lightness of cinnabar, which is a form of resin.


♥ Please note that we do not recommend that you wear this piece when showering or swimming ♥

  • Brass
  • Dyed jade
  • Cinnabar
  • One of a kind
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