Voyager Necklace

18ct yellow gold, blackened silver, pearl and diamond necklace with detachable tassel


Hand-crafted in London over a period of seven months, the Voyager Necklace is undoubtedly the epitome of a statement necklace. It hails from our For King and Country collection of fine jewellery, which draws its inspiration from the tools used to explore the seas during the Golden Age of Discovery – a period of European history marked by extensive exploration, dangerous sea-bound voyages and great adventures in the quest for colonial expansion and new, economic riches. Iconic navigational symbols of the sky – such as the stars and moon – here sit alongside forms recalling globes, maps and latitude lines. The heavy use of pearls in this collection is also important as it echoes the coveted bounty of the day, plundered in the East and brought to the West over this period of time.

The Voyager Necklace is made of two parts: the main, 3-string necklace (including the golden star and diamond galaxy detail) and a detachable pearl tassel. This allows this piece to be worn in two ways, giving the wearer maximum flexibility in style (and effectively two necklaces in one!). The use of blackened silver here really make the diamonds and white pearls pop, and gives the necklace a slightly antiquated feel, as if it were made in the Age of Discovery. The Voyager Necklace looks great whatever you wear it with – its neutral palette means it is one of the more versatile statement necklaces around – as easy to rock by day as by night.

♥ Please note that we do not recommend that you wear this piece when showering or swimming ♥

  • 18ct yellow gold
  • Blackened sterling silver
  • White and peacock pearls
  • White diamonds
  • Hallmarked
  • Detachable pearl-drop tassel
  • One-of-a-kind

Strung-pearl necklace: 20”
Pearl tassel: 4”

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