March 2019

Talking entrepreneurship at the Corinthia

Courtesy of the brilliant Roz Wikeley, Tessa was asked to join a panel of young entrepreneurs at the Corinthia Hotel in London to discuss the brutal realties of building businesses – the good, the bad and the ugly. The panellists included explorer Levinson Wood, Angelica Malin of About Time Magazine and event planner Alexandra Pisani, with chair played by Roz.

Over a 40 minute session the group challenged the idea of eureka moments, questioned the merits of a business plan, talked about the reality of being seen (whether by traditional press or social media) and ruminated over the best style of employing people, to which, thankfully, there were a number of interesting ideas. A quick Q&A followed, allowing guests the chance to ask frank questions to the panel on the theme of entrepreneurship and career development.

Tessa would like to thank Roz for a wonderful event and the opportunity to be included.