April 2015


This year’s Vogue Festival saw young entrepreneurs Henry Holland, Hannah Weiland of Shrimps, Quintin Jones and Amy Thompson come together in a panel discussion to explore the highs and lows of running a creative business.

“MY business started as a joke putting outrageous slogans on T-shirts and then it just snowballed into something much bigger,” Henry Holland told Vogue’s fashion features editor, Laura Weir. Weiland had a similarly modest story about the start of her colourful faux-fur brand: “I made one coat, just for me, then I thought ‘I’ll just make a few more for my friends’. I went to Avenue 32 wearing mine and they ordered a few.”

“Having a job is a good way to give your work integrity in the beginning and it’s better not to expect to make money immediately – make your money in another way and be creative for free when you start out,” fashion filmmaker Jones said. Holland added, “If you have that passion, it doesn’t matter if you only have the evenings to get it done.”

The values of networking, PR, self-promotion, budgeting and social media were explored in the hour seminar entitled ‘I DID IT!’, leaving member of the audience plenty to think about as they made their way home.



Zara jacket and trousers, Ruffa shoes, TPL Pretzel necklace and Ice Cream Scoop Ring


M. Abbas (www.bymabbas.com / @bymabbas)


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