Once Upon A Time In My Secret Garden

Drawing inspiration from the landscaped gardens of William Kent, the exotic menagerie of George Stubbs, and the writings of Lewis Carroll and Frances Hodgson Burnett, Once Upon a Time in My Secret Garden brings to life the weird and wonderful flowers and creatures that reside in Tessa’s imagined garden.

Her imagined garden would be vast, contained by the finest of dry stone walls. In one corner there would be a folly in ruins, in the other a treehouse temple with a flag pole at its top. In the greenhouse, oversized insects woudl be found hiding under a canopy of giant ginko leaves; in the watery grotto miniature crabs swim amongst the damp, moss-ridden stones. At dawn and dusk a family of weasels play hide-and-seek along the battlements of the box hedges, returning to the branches of a large laurel bush to sleep. A shy family of deer pass silently through the maze every day to eat rosehips from the knarled oak tree. At the very centre of the garden there would be a solitary bench by a lake, dedicated to Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, the designer’s childhood heroes.


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