Peace and Love Earrings [White]

Brass hoop earrings with mini polymer clay flowers


There will always be a place in our heart for dainty little flower earrings. Florals are one of our favourite things to turn into jewellery, and its been a blast creating these using polymer clay.

Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay that is heat cured, but unlike other clays, it retains a degree of elasticity when hardened, meaning it bends first, rather than snapping or chipping when put under pressure. In recent years it has become a popular medium in costume jewellery due to its easy handling. Polymer clay can be ‘sculpted’ or moulded into anything, from beads to figurative forms (such as flowers), using in a rainbow of colours. Once hardened the components are then attached to jewellery findings and fittings, as we have done here with the gold hoops.

Our Peace and Love Earrings come in two colours: white with a touch of yellow and maroon red. They are best suited for day-time, holiday time, casual wear dressing as they elegant but composed, and can be paired easily with other pieces. The perfect little accessory to perk up an informal outfit.

Polymer clay is also a very lightweight material, so these earrings are ideal for those who like to wear feather-light hoop earrings. They weigh literally nothing!

♥ Please note that we do not recommend that you wear this piece when showering or swimming ♥

  • Brass
  • Polymer clay

Hoop: 20mm
Flower: approx 5mm

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