March 2018

The Mole Taxidermy Workshop

As a passionate collector of taxidermy, it was only a matter of time before Tessa hosted her very own event on the subject.
Working under the guidance of London-based taxidermist Suzette Field (, a carefully curated selection of intrepid guests arrived at the Chelsea Showroom and took part in a two hour taxidermy workshop – the humble mole being the subject of choice. Tools in hand – in a scene resembling something between a school biology lesson and WI convention – guests learnt the art of prepping, stuffing, wiring and sewing moles to create their very own taxidermy specimen, with finished results varying from the naturalistic to the ridiculous.
With the practical element over, drinks were poured and bags of pop corn passed around for the main event: Tessa Packard in conversation with Polly Morgan, the internationally celebrated artist and taxidermist. Fascinating, emotive and often hilarious, the subsequent hour’s talk explored a myriad of topics, including what can currently be found in Polly’s freezer, to the most absurd taxidermy request she has ever received (answers can be found HERE). It was widely agreed amongst those present that events of this nature – both educational and hands-on – are the ones that leave the most impact.


A Field Guide

Polly Morgan