Under the Influence

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you” [F. Scott Fitzgerald]

Under the Influence is a collection of fine jewellery that perfectly represents the creative heart of Tessa Packard London: fun storytelling, timeless elegance and a trunkful of whimsy. Bold, colourful and unapologetic in statement design, these pieces aim to bring to life the sense of imagination, wonderment and joyous colour embodied by some of the world’s most famous (and lesser known) cocktails.

Tessa notes: “Developed like potions in an apothecarist’s lab, I love the way cocktails are executed with equal measures of meticulous care and theatrical flair to create great things or beauty, each one completely unique in hue, form and adornment. To someone like myself, who sees the world as one big rubric cube of interwoven design, cocktails are mini artworks that just happen to taste as inspiring as they look”.




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