Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic is a whimsical collection of jewellery inspired by the spirit and and the glamour of the 1950s pool party. Set in steamy Florida, this collection is a story about sunshine, candy stripes, tropicalia, polka dots, penguin waiters, sweetheart necklines, baby-doll silhouettes, cat-eye sunglasses, vacationland, cabana culture, creamy cocktails and the promise of something better.

The use of plastics here is intentional. Mid-century America saw a boom in plastic production. It became the most popular material to works with in all sectors as it was novel and free from pre-conceptions regarding its use. Plastic Fantastic incorporates both vintage lucite pieces (re-cycled and here reborn as new designs) and home-made resin jewels, hand-crafted by Tessa herself. The collection aims to show that pre-loved costume jewellery can be up-cycled into beautiful, timeless and sustainable pieces.




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